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Jazz 4G Internet Packages

Jazz 3G and 4G Internet offers are available in different validity

Here We Will Share All Jazz Internet Offers and all jazz social offers, jazz Whatsapp offer, Jazz Facebook Offers, Jazz IMOOffer, and Jazz Youtube Offer, Which Can Be Activated from the EasyLoad Retailer Menu *964# and. All Jazz Data Offers can be activated by consumers themself as well.

All details of all Jazz Data /Internet Offers are here Under

  1. Jazz Daily Youtube Social RS.27 (1536MB YT, WA, FB)
  2. Jazz Daily Mega RS.41 (1GB Internet)
  3. Jazz Weekly Youtube & Social 5GB RS.159
  4. Jazz Weekly Social Plus RS.225 (500 onnet, 25 offnet, 8GB Social, 500sms)
  5. Jazz Monthly Infinity Browser 2GB RS.145
  6. Jazz Weekly PUBG Offer RS.58 (512MB internet, 2560 MB PUBG)
  7. Jazz Weekly Premium Offer 4GB +50 Allnetwortk Minutes RS.244
  8. Jazz Weekly Mega 10GB RS.331 (9GB Internet +1GB WA)
  9. Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer 25GB RS.389 (15GB + 10GB 2 am to 2 pm)
  10. Jazz Monthly 7GB +12000 SMS RS.171 (7GB Social,12000 SMS)
  11. Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer 12GB RS.527 (12 GB DATA(6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
  12. Monthly 24GB RS.804 (24 GB DATA(12 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
  13. Monthly Premium RS.850 ( 25GB +300 All net minutes)

Jazz Daily Youtube Social package 23

Internet​1 GB DATA  Only Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook
Jazz Daily Youtube Socia code*968#
Retailer Code*964#  >2>1
Retailer Price23
jazz offers 1 GB of social data in just rs .20 for the whole day , jazz daily youtube offer

Jazz Daily Mega internet package 41

Internet1 GB DATA (24 Hours)
Jazz Daily Mega code*117*4#
Validity1 Day
Retailer Code*964#  >2>2
Retailer Price35
jazz offers 1 GB of Data For the whole day in just RS.31

Jazz Weekly Youtube & Social internet package 159

Internet​5 GB DATA only for  IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook
Jazz Weekly Social code *660#
Retailer Code*964#  >2>3
Retailer Price159
jazz weekly WhatsApp offer for 109 for the whole week, jazz weekly WhatsApp offer,
jazz weekly youtube offer, jazz weekly IMO offer, jazz weekly facebook offer, jazz weekly whatsapp offer


Internet8 GB DATA (IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook & BiP)
Minutes500 onnet +25 offnet
Jazz SOCIAL PLUS Activation code *668#
Retailer Code*964# >2>4
jazz weekly social Plus offer,

Jazz Monthly BROWSER internet 145

Internet2 GB Data (For 30 Days)
Jazz Monthly BROWSER code*709#
Validity30 Days
Retailer Code*964#  >2>5
Retailer Price145
jazz offers 2 GB data for the whole month in just Rs. 145, jazz rs145 monthly data offer, jazz monthly lite data offer

Jazz Weekly PREMIUM internet package 244

Internet4 GB DATA
All network min50 All Network Mins
Jazz Weekly PREMIUM code*117*47#
Retailer Code*964#  >2>6
jazz weekly internet offer for a whole week in just 191 rupees. jazz premium net offer, jazz weekly internet package,

Jazz Weekly Mega internet 331

Internet8 GB DATA
Jazz Weekly Mega code*159#
Retailer Code*964#  >2>7
jazz 7 GB internet offer code, jazz weekly data package, jazz warid weekly internet packages

Jazz Weekly MEGA PLUS internet 389

Internet25 GB DATA including 10 GB 2 am to 2 pm
Jazz Weekly MEGA PLUS codeSubscription
Retailer Code*964#  >2>8
jazz weekly 25 GB internet package, jazz weekly 25GB data package

Jazz Monthly SOCIAL Plus internet package 171

Internet5 GB DATA (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO)
SMS12000 SMS
Jazz Monthly SOCIAL Plus code*661#
Validity30 Days
Retailer Code*964# >2>9
jazz monthly social offer, jazz monthly data offer, jazz monthly internet package

Jazz Monthly MEGA PLUS internet package 527

Internet12 GB DATA(6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Jazz Monthly MEGA PLUS code*117*30#
Validity30 Days
Retailer Code*964# >2>10
jazz monthly internet 12 GB package, jazz mega internet plus package, jazz monthly internet package rs.393

Jazz Monthly SUPREME internet Package 804

Internet24 GB DATA(12 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Jazz Monthly SUPREME code*117*32#
Validity30 Days
Retailer Code*964# >2>11
jazz month 22 GB data package, jazz monthly 22 GB internet package

Jazz Monthly PREMIUM internet Package 800

Internet25 GB DATA (10 GB YouTube)
All Net Minutes300 All Network Mins
Jazz Monthly PREMIUM code*2000#
Validity30 Days
Retailer Code*964# >2>12
jazz monthly 25 GB Internet package, jazz monthly 25 GB data package, jazz internet 700

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