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Ufone All In One Packages Are Named as Super Card Offers which can be activated by dialing Ufone Retailer USSD Code From All Ufone Top Up Retailers. It is available on a variety of 2 Day, weekly, 15
days and monthly Subscription the Details of all Super card offers are mentioned below

Ufone All In One Offers can be activated from easyload retailer menu or String Code and consumers can do as well.

Denominations and Detail of All Ufone Super Card Packages (Ufone Voice Packages) Are Here Under.

Ufone GOLD CARD 999
Ufone SUPER PLUS 599 updated to 650
Ufone Super Card 570 Discontinued
Ufone Mini Super Card 330
Ufone Super Recharge Offer 60
Ufone Super Minutes 150

Ufone Super Card Max 779


U-U & PTCL MinutesUnlimited*
Off-Net Minutes300
Internet5 GB + Unlimited** Facebook 
Validity30 Days
Un-Subscribe  Auto Unsubscribe after 30 Days
Retailer ussd*9000#
Check Status*706#
Description*Fair usage policy of 5,000 minutes & SMS applies
 **Fair usage policy of 7 GB applies, Ufone SUPER GOLD 999
Ufone Super Card Gold Package is The Best Package for High Usage High Revenue Customers it offers 300 Ufone other network minutes and unlimited u to u minutes and free u to PTCL calls, 5 GB 4G internet with unlimited Facebook. u to u call package.

SUPER CARD PLUS 599 updated 650

U-U & PTCL MinutesUnlimited**
Off-Net Minutes180
Internet2000MB + Unlimited* Facebook
Validity30 Days
Un-Subscribe  Auto Unsubscribe after 30 Days
Retailer ussd*5990#
Check Status*706#
Description*Fair usage policy of 5GB applies per month
 **Fair Usage Policy of 5,000 minutes apply in addition to 1200 U-U & PTCL Minutes
SUPER CARD PLUS 599 updated price 650

Ufone Super Card Plus Package Is The Best Ufone Monthly Offer. It Provides Unlimited Ufone to Ufone calls,180 Ufone Offnet minutes for other networks, and 4200 SMS for all local networks plus 2000 MB 4G internet with free unlimited Facebook gives the best value to this package for a whole month. Poore Maheene Ki-Be-Fikri. Ufone Super Card Price is 599

Super Card Offer 570 Discontinued

U-U & PTCL Minutes1000 on-net + PTCL minutes
Off-Net Minutes150 off-net minutes
Internet1200 MB
Sms4000  SMS
Validity30 Days
Un-Subscribe  Auto Unsubscribe after 30 Days
Retailer ussd*4005#
Check Status*706#
Ufone Mini Super Card330, Ufone Minutes Package

This is the Ufone Super Card Package Which Was the Highest Offer In Ufone Network But Ufone Pakistan Discontinued this offer for the benefit of the consumers because the Ufone super card plus offer is fare better in budget and resources from super card offer. All consumers can avail better offers than super card in just RS.30 worth of Difference.

Mini Super Card 330

U-U & PTCL Minutes500
Off-Net Minutes75
Validity15 Days
Un-Subscribe  Auto Unsubscribe after 15 Days
Retailer ussd*2755#
Check Status*706#
Ufone Super Card Mini

This is a Medium Range Ufone Mini Super Card Package for All Network Calls SMS and Internet for 15 Days. For RS.330 u can get 500 Ufone and PTCL Minutes, 75 Minutes for all Offnet, 3500 SMS, and 600 MB Internet for 2G,3G, and 4G use

Super Recharge Offer 60

U-U & PTCL Minutes300
Off-Net minutes10
Internet100 MB
Validity2 Days
Retail Price  RS.60
Retailer ussd*355#
Check Status*706#
Ufone Super Recharge Offer53

This is The Best Budget offer Ufone Super Recharge Package for low usage and daily usage consumers who can not afford monthly offers in just RS.60 300 Ufone to Ufone and PTCL Minutes, 10 Minutes for Other Networks,100 MB Internet, and 700 SMS for all local network With 2 Days Validity

Super Minutes 150

All Network Minutes125
Validity7 Days
Un-Subscribe  Auto Unsubscribe after 7 Days
Retailer ussd*1001#
Check Status*706#
Ufone Super Minutes135

This Is The Best Ufone Weekly Offer, Ufone Super Minutes Package For The Call Lovers of All Network Consumers who just want to call any network anonymously. In Just RS.135 Consumer cand Get 100Minutes To Use For Call On All local Networks for 7 Days Validity.

Ufone Super Card Max 799

U-U & PTCL Minutesunlimited(max 4800 minutes)
Off-Net minutes250
Internet4 GB plus unlimited FB
Validity30 Days
Super Card Activation Code*629#
Retail Price  RS.799
Retailer ussd*475#
Check Status*706#

Ufone Offer The Latest Super Card offer for his high-value customer which offers 250 minutes for all other networks, 4500 free SMS, 4GB 4g internet Plus Unlimited Ufone facebook offer, for 30 das validity. 799 wala super card poorer maheene ke liye.

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