Ufone SMS Packages

SMS Bundles that You Need According to Your Desire:

Ufone Is Pakistan One of The Largest Mobile Operator . Ufone Offers a Wide Range

of Variety in SMS Bundle. Here Are Some Details of Sms Bundles Which can be Subscribe

by Sending Sms To A Short Code According to Consumer Desire.

Ufone SMS Packages, SMS Buckets Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Early Activation

Deactivation status info price and procedure

Ufone Sms Buckets Can Be Subscribed By Flowing Ways

  1. Fortnightly SMS Auto Package
  2. Monthly SMS Package
  3. Auto Daily SMS Package
  4. Yearly SMS Package
  5. Daily U to U Auto SMS Package
  6. Night Auto SMS Package
  7. Weekly SMS Package (Only Fr Youth Package)

1. Ufone Fortnightly SMS Auto Package

Free SMS10000 sms
Validity14 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to603

2.Ufone Monthly SMS Package

Free SMS20000 sms
Validity30 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to607

3. Ufone Auto Daily SMS Package

Free SMS1500 sms
Validity24 hours
SMS ‘Sub’ to605

4. Ufone Yearly SMS Package

Free SMS100000 sms
Validity365 Days
SMS ‘Sub’ to601

5. Ufone Daily U to U Auto SMS Package

Free SMS500 sms
Validity24 Hours
SMS ‘Sub’ to611

6. Ufone Night Auto SMS Package

Price1.2 +Tax
Free SMS300 sms
Validity24 hours
SMS ‘Sub’ to609

7. Ufone Weekly SMS Package (Only Fr Youth Package)

Price11.95 +Tax
Free SMS1200 sms
SMS ‘Sub’ to608

All Ufone SMS Bucket Information:

To check SMS Offers Available In Your Package .

Type “INFO” in write sms option and send to 600

SMS to shortcode 600 will be charged at 60 paise.


SMS Buckets are only for Pakistan numbers. Customers can unsubscribe the package at any time, simply write the message “Unsub” and send it to 506.SMS to shortcode 600 and 606 will be charged at 60 paise. To check remaining free SMS and expiry date you can send blank SMS to 606